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February To Do List
Posted on Feb 2nd, 2016 Comments (0)
February To Do List
• Mid-month cut back roses.  See notes in this newsletter for tips.
• Complete cutting back ornamental grasses late month.
• Plan NOW for 2016!
• Design and schedule renovations and upgrades before spring hits.
• With plenty of moisture in the ground, turn irrigation OFF.
• Complete irrigation repairs and be ready for spring.
• Clean up trees by removing low limbs and damaged branches, mistletoe and ballmoss.
• Mulch as needed to cover bare soil.
The #1 question we get at this time of the year has to do with WEEDS!  Why do we have so many and what can we do about them.
We have so many because they are the most hardy natural plant species (a weed is simply a plant which is not growing where you want it to grow) in the Texas environment.  They are so incredibly tough and resilient that they can grow when and where nothing else can grow.  They move in when some of our tender, introduced species (turf and small plants) do not thrive.  They grow when the turf won't grow.  They grow from cracks in the concrete.  They are as tough as cockroaches.
And they LOVE nice weather.  Crazy spring like temperatures in January bring them out in hoards, droves, herds and bunches!
What can we do about them?  The most natural way is to hand pull them which is not realistic in most circumstances.  Pulling doesn't get the root and the seeds are still there and will sprout and grow-sometimes within days.
The ideal situation for commercial as well as residential properties is to have a year 'round comprehensive weed program which includes regular and safe applications of specific chemicals to control.  Occasional and "as needed" simply do not get the results that individuals expect and desire.
Roses-Time to Prune
Mid-February is the time to prune landscape roses.  A good dormant pruning (we're not crazy, they're supposed to be dormant now) will yield healthy and attractive plants which will remain in scale and produce numerous blooms in the coming season.  Prune back all small stems as well as larger ones to reduce the plant itself to approximately knee high.  Of course, this is somewhat subjective.....but a good rule of thumb.
Turn Off Your Sprinklers, Shift to Winter Watering Schedule
Posted on Oct 29th, 2015 Comments (0)
Turn Off Your Sprinklers, Shift to Winter Watering Schedule
Most landscaping goes dormant in the fall, so turn off the automatic sprinkler system and only water as needed. We are transitioning to our Winter Watering Schedule. Beginning Nov. 1, Plano residents and businesses will return to once-a-week sprinkler use with watering allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Daytime sprinkler use improves everyone's safety by reducing the risk of nighttime freezing to avoid preventable icy sidewalks and roadways. Just because it is your day to water doesn't mean you need to water. Residents can sign up for texts or emails with guidance on when watering is needed at the Water My Yard website or by avoiding watering when rain has just occurred or is expected. The winter schedule will continue through March 2016 and a Watering Calendar highlighting watering days from Nov. 1 through March 31 is available online.

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